Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little sTaCy

This is my newest little bear Stacy. I have been trying some new designs and fabrics. I set out to make a happy bear but not sure what happened. Little Stacy looks sad.
I love the color of this fabric from SassyBears. It is a pretty honey brown and so soft.
Thanks for taking a peek. :)
Little bear hugs


  1. I think Stacy isn't sad. Her look is intent :)

    Great job!

    Hugs, Neri

  2. Sometimes they decide themselves of their own expression and don't look like what we had planned for them. It's always a surprise !! :D Little stacy is adorable, she doesn't look sad to me but maybe a little grumpy ;)

  3. LoL. :) Thank you Neri.
    Yes Doriane I agree. Hmm. She may be grumpy as the cat did try several times to steal her. ;)That may be a face of 'get me out of here'