Bears Available for Adoption

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Available on Bear Pile
available on BearPile
Winkle is adopted. Thank you

3 inch bear.
Hand crocheted dress
Maple & Sugar Duo
Maple measures 3 inches
Sugar measures 1.75 inches.
Hand sewn
Hand crocheted dress.

Miniature Handsewn Bear Autumn
Meaures 3" standing. Cotter pin /disc jointed.
Sewn from long pile sassy fabric
black onyx eyes. White accented
Hand sewn nose
Hand sewn dress with tiny lace edging
adopted . Thank you.

Hannah & Harley

Miniature Bear
Measures 3 inches standing.
Hand sewn from long pile sassy cream fabric. Cotter pin disc jointed head and limbs
Cotton stuffing and fine stainless steel balls for weight.
Hand Crafted floral wings.
Black onxy eyes. Facial shading.
Hand embroidered nose.Ultra suede foot pads
Hand crocheted dress
Needle felted 5 jointed mini dog with crocheted collar

                                                                     adopted. thank you